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    1. Continuous Plate Dryer PLG series continual plate dryer descriptions plate dryer is a kind of high effect conducting and continuous drying equipment. Its unique structure and operating principle determine that it has advantages of high heat efficiency, low energy consumption, small occupying area, simple configuration, easy operating and control as well as friendly operating environment etc. Inquiry Form
    1. Drum Dryer (with Scraper) The drum dryer with scraper is a kind of heat conduction type continuous drier .rotation for drying equipment. With the rotation of the drum, a certain thickness of material membrane is adhered to the drum surface through the lower part of the chute. Inquiry Form
    1. Vacuum Harrow Dryer Vacuum harrow dryer is mainly used for drying explosive material, material easy to be oxidized, and paste material.In the vacuum condition, boiling point of the solvent is decreased,and air is isolated, it avoid the material from being oxidized and deterioration. Inquiry Form
    1. Continuous Vacuum Belt Dryer (for Liquid) Low temperature vacuum liquid multi-layer dryer is a kind of vacuum drying equipment with continuous feeding device and continuous discharging device, which is applicable to the drying of maltose, sucrose, sugar beet sugar, and other kinds of sugar. Inquiry Form
    1. Continuous Vacuum Belt Dryer (for Solid) Low temperature vacuum solid multi-layer belt dryer is a kind of vacuum belt type drying equipment which is fully closed and continuous feeding and discharging. Applicable to all kinds of solid, crystalline, granules, powder, pills, fruit and other raw materials. Inquiry Form
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