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    1. Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill Model CWFJ series super fine grinder unit is researched and developed in accordance with our national situations through adopting and digesting the updated advantages of Xi Chuan Co. Ltd. (Japan). Inquiry Form
    1. Fluidized Bed Jet Mill The material is impacted by the jet stream at a high speed, and meanwhile the material mutual ly collides, so that the material is milled. Inquiry Form
    1. Horizontal Ribbon Mixer The machine is composed of by the container and the helical mixing blades and transmission parts; Spiral blade are usually made in double layers or three layers. Inquiry Form
    1. Fluidized Bed Granulator It is recognized that fluidized bed granulator is an organic combination of mechanical design and preparation technology . Therefore hundreds of Granulating machines either for China or oversea countries like USA, Japan, Indonesia, Iran and many other countries are specially designed in accordance with the material characteristics and process requirements. Inquiry Form
    1. High-Speed Damp Mixing Granulator GSL Series high-speed damp mixing granulator is a kind of high efficient equipment, and within one operation it can mix different powder materials and granulate them to particles. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industry etc. Inquiry Form
    1. Roller Compactor / Dry Granulator GFZL series dry roller extrusion granulator is well designed and developed by our company according to customer's needs, on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced powder granulation technology carefully. Inquiry Form
    1. Triple Effect Forced Circulation Evaporator This design can be suitable to concentrate such materials` solutions as Chinese traditional medicines, Western medicines, dextrose, amylum, chemical, MSG, milk products and so on, especially to concentrate the thermal sensitive materials under the low temperature vacuum condition. Inquiry Form
    1. Alcohol Distillation Unit (Tower) The design can be suitable to reclaim ethanol in processing Chinese traditional medicines, Western medicines, dextrose, amylum, liquid oral drug, chemical, foodstuff, MSG, milk products and so on. Inquiry Form
    1. Fluidized Granulation Coater FLP series multi-functional granulating coater is a multi-functional equipment integrated with spray drying granulating, centrifugal pelleting, fluidized coating drying in one unit. Inquiry Form
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