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    1. Horizontal Oil Fuel Hot Air Furnace ZRL/JRL Series Horizontal Oil Fuel Hot Air Furnace integrates combustion and heat exchange in one body,and is a hot air heating device with high efficiency (its thermal efficiency may be 60~75%). Inquiry Form
    1. Pulse Jet Baghouse Dust Collector The device is widely used for the ventilation, dust removing and powder restoration in the grain, food, feed-stuff, metallurgical, chemical, building material, medical and other industries. Inquiry Form
    1. Finned Tube Heat Exchanger The Model SRZ and SRL Series helically finned air heat exchanger produced by our company, is also named as heat radiator or heat-radiating pipe bank. Inquiry Form
    1. Sterilization Machine Each group of sterilization machine consists of five vertical tubes in series; jacket steam or hot water heating, and there are 4 groups of rotating floating scraper cleaning the inner tube wall surface, therefore the product will not be modified due to excessive heat. Inquiry Form
    1. Powder / Granule Sterilization Device The sterilization device for the powder and granule applies the over-heated steam containing larger heat energy, and the ordinary biological bacteria and the heat-resistant bacteria are sterilized in a short period of 4-5 seconds. Inquiry Form
    1. Organic Compound Fertilizer Production Line Through the several years of study and the introduction of foreign microbial fermentation technology, combined with China's soil, crops, climate and other conditions, our company successfully accomplishes the production process and complete set of equipment for the sludge treatment to produce organic fertilizer. Inquiry Form
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