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Quality Control

Our Quality Control Policy
In virtue of scientific management, elaborate manufacture and sincere service, we do our utmost to gain our customer satisfaction.

Quality Objectives:
(1) Products manufactured passing rate ≥98.5%;
(2) Delivery according to the contract , on -time delivery rate ≥99%;
(3) Handling rate of customer complaints the quality =100%;
(4) Customers’ satisfaction rate ≥90%;
(5) Nos. of new products (including improved varieties and new structures, etc.) to complete the development and design: two .

Quality Control:
1. Design Control
Prior to the design, the sampling test should be done as necessary as possible. The technical personnel carry out a scientific and rational design of combined to the actual situation test in terms of user's specific requirements, and prepare equipment manufacturing process technology cards.

2. Purchase Control
For scientifically and rationally establishing our sub-suppliers’ data base, and through strict inspection based on the principle of prices and quality level, we file suppliers information. Meanwhile, for the same kind of outsourcing parts and our-cooperatively-manufactured parts,we promise that there is at least one supplier or sub-contractors.

3. Production Control
Production must be based on the technical documentation. For qualified products in each process must be labeled clearly. For the key components, clearly identification should be given to ensure product traceability.

4. Inspection and Control
(1) By full-time inspectors, the purchased raw materials and spare parts should be inspected. For larger quantities it can be carried out by sampling method, but the sampling rate should not be less than 30%.For the critical, sophisticated outsourcing parts and out-coordination-made parts must verify inspection.
(2) Self-inspection for products must be carried out, mutual inspection, recheck all checked one thoroughly until fully qualified.
(3) The finished product which can be installed in the factory, they should be installed in the factory and start to test run for inspection, then they can leave after qualified inspection. For the finished product which can not be installed in the factory, and can not be installed in the factory must be tested strictly by phases. The product should be installed and tested at the BUYER’S factory. When the machine is tested successfully, then the SELLER issues an inspection certificate.