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Service Commitments

Our service means a comprehensive product tracking service, that is a kind of whole process service and round-the-clock services, an all-directional and whole-hearted service. Our company takes it for the purpose of "all meets the needs of customers", with efficient, professional, fast, high-quality and thoughtful sales service to customers, specifically to do:

1.Pre-Sales Services:
According to customer demand, we timely provide related equipment technical data quickly, for customers’ preliminary model-selection and understanding information about performance of our factory equipment, assist customers to finish the incoming test in our company and performance analysis, choice of equipment model selection, configuration selection and etc. Surveying and mapping, provisions of such drawing information as equipment structure layout, foundation positioning drawings, so that in advance, customers can make ready for basic preparations for the installation and putting into place after the selected equipments get to the factory, and make the quotation for the selected equipment and do a good job of business communication about commercial terms and conditions.

2.In-Sale Service:
Once a contract comes into effect, strictly carry out every clause of the contract, taking quality first as the principle. During production course, the standard requirements of ISO9001:2000 version is always implemented. And we should often maintain technical cohesion and contact with customers, to ensure the delivered products can meet customer’s requirements on production, process and technical quality.

3.After-Sales Service:
After the equipment(s) arrive at the customer’s company, in a timely manner to coordinate customers accomplish the installation and commissioning for equipment (s) properly, training of operating personnel work, to ensure that the procured equipment(s) of customers can be put into normal operation and produce benefit as soon as possible. Within one- year warranty period, after-sale service caused by the quality problem of the equipment(s), our company will provide free services. If the equipment damage is caused by customer’s improper operation factors, our company provide high quality spare parts at low price, and we in a timely manner to help customers solve the problem, and we only charge at the cost. Meanwhile, we will carry out a lifelong high-quality after-sales service and provide spare parts at preferential price.

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