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At our R&D centre, we have the knowledge and resources for any process machine especially various spray dryers, for the different applications and process requirements, our process engineers determine the best speeds, accessories, concerned dryers and other facility’s conditioners and mechanical arrangement, motors horse power and make sure that the equipment will provide the highest possible performance in capacity, residual moisture, process temperature, process pressure size range of distribution and etc..

According to customer demand, we timely provide related equipment technical data quickly, for customers’ preliminary model-selection and understanding information about performance of our factory equipment, assist customers to finish the incoming test in our company and performance analysis, choice of equipment model selection, configuration selection and etc. Surveying and mapping, provisions of such drawing information as equipment structure layout, foundation positioning drawings, so that in advance, customers can make ready for basic preparations for the installation and putting into place after the selected equipments get to the factory, and make the quotation for the selected equipment and do a good job of business communication about commercial terms and conditions.

Prior to the design, the sampling test should be done as necessary as possible. The technical personnel carry out a scientific and rational design of combined to the actual situation test in terms of user's specific requirements, and prepare equipment manufacturing process technology cards.