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I. Turn-key Project
I-1. Scope of supply
Established in 1990, Sunlight Drier deals principally in designing, manufacturing and exporting its complete drying plant and auxiliary associated facilities. With its rich experiences in the industry, Sunlight Drier offers the following products, such as: spray dryers, conventional heating-medium direct-contact dryer, energy-saving dryers, pharmaceutical machines, extraction plant and evaporator, and auxiliary associated facilities:
1. Spray dryer Series
2. Conventional gas--medium direct-contact type dryer
3. Four kinds of Energy-saving dryers (gas-heating-medium non-direct-contact dryer)
4. Common Pharmaceutical Machines
5. Plants for extraction, concentration and evaporation engineering
6. Auxiliary associated equipment or facilities
These plants or facilities feature the perfect assembly of technical components, enabling the complete drying, grinding, mixing and granulation in various industries. Sunlight Drier’s plants are cost-efficient and reliable. Based our strong supply capabilities, we are fully confident to provide turn-key-project-orientated services ..

I-2. Process Parameters
At our R&D centre, we have the knowledge and resources for any process machine especially various spray dryers, for the different applications and process requirements, our process engineers determine the best speeds, accessories, concerned dryers and other facility’s conditioners and mechanical arrangement, motors horse power and make sure that the equipment will provide the highest possible performance in capacity, residual moisture, process temperature, process pressure size range of distribution and etc..

We emphasize to guide client to anticipate the test course, and explore the process formulation and optimized operation process conditions, to provide technical support for the research and development of new product.We pay attention to collect the data during the test, and provide technical basis for the client to select and design large-scale equipment.
On consideration of the high investment and low return and high maintenance cost and the objective consumption of resource (ex.: respective expenditures of water, compressed air, electricity, washing, labor cost, consumable items and etc),we will appropriately charge for the small batch test for spray drier during the pilot scale test and medium experiment. The detailed criteria are as below:
1. water-phase raw material( drying object is water, adopting air s drying medium), processing amount: 5~20kg/batch.time, cost for test service for spray drier : ¥10000.00~50000.00RMB;
2. Solvent-contained raw material( sludge material contains flammable solvent, such as alcohol, acetone or normal hexane and etc, it is necessary to adopt inert gas as drying medium----to carry out closed-cycle spray drying, and the solvent can be recovered completely), processing amount: 5~20kg/batch.time, cost for test service for spray drier : ¥50000.00~100,000.00RMB;
3. If processing amount is ≥20kg/batch,the cost will be negotiated face to face.
Besides, if your company purchase equipment from us in the future, then the test cost (exclusive of consumed material cost) will be refunded or offset the payment of equipment (s).

I-3 Evaluation
Our knowledge in processing a wide range of commercially significant engineering projects is transferred to our various brand-new plants for spray drying, Fluidized Agglomeration granulation, associated pharmaceutical facilities and etc. We give particular attention to the choice of technology and scale of operation, for it is these qualities which will ultimately determine the profitability of the venture.

I-4 Design Proposal
We have senior engineers and former professors on our technical consultant team to direct the entire process of each project engineering. A sophisticated working environment with advanced software has enhanced our equipment for a more scientific and professional work-flow. Manufacturing our own machinery allows us to control the supply of our advanced production equipment for increased predictability and compatibility.
Sunlight Drier establishes independent files for each client and establishes special project teams according each client’s conditions. These teams then design the proposal for the client as soon as possible. Each project is specifically engineered to meet local conditions, quality standards and environmental requirements.
Our Technology and Engineering Department is also enabled to provide technical consultancy support and concerned process technologies transfer service.

I-5 Process Engineering
Sunlight Drier has established long-term relationships with many other professional equipment manufacturers to create an extensive supply chain. With in-depth knowledge and expertise, re-calculated and double-checked designs are expertly crafted per customers’ requirements. Attention to detail ensures that fully integrated plants deliver their guaranteed performance.

I-6 Project Management
Sunlight Drier forms the perfect partnership with each customer by using professional project managers on each contract. An experienced engineer is assigned to your project to coordinate the job from start to finish. The project manager serves as a single point of contact between the various individuals working on the project. This leadership ensures successful completion at each stage of the project from design and procurement, to delivery, installation, and start-up of the equipment, on time and within budget.

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